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Practical Test

After the Theory Test has been passed and the full driving syllabus covered we can book your Practical test.

As with the Theory Test at Smartdrive we will be happy to book the test on your behalf with no booking fees applied. All you will pay is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) fee, currently £62.00.

After the test is booked you will complete a mock test with your instructor playing the role of the DVSA examiner. This will involve driving independently around an actual test route with your instructor giving you directions. No support or advice will be offered however, in order to simulate real test conditions. Your instructor will mark an identical test sheet to the one used on test and will discuss the outcome with you at the end of the mock test. This will help to make the real test less of an ordeal as you will know exactly what to expect on the big day. It will also highlight any weak areas which may need to be put right before the real thing.

The practical test lasts approximately 45 minutes and will involve driving in a variety of road and traffic conditions. You will be asked to perform one reversing manoeuvre, drive independently for around ten minutes and you may additionally be asked to do an emergency stop. In order to pass you must not have any serious faults. You may have up to fifteen minor faults, although more than three minor faults in the same area could result in a fail as an uncorrected repetitive fault could cause you a problem when driving independently.

You may take the test in your own car if you have been practising privately and are more comfortable driving your own car. Most students however, elect to take their test in the Smartdrive car as this immediately reassures the DVSA examiner that you have had professional instruction, and the dual controls may add to the examiner's level of confidence too!

After the test your instructor will drive you home as you will probably have reached the limit of your concentration by then. If you want to tell all your friends and family the good news, your photo can be added to our Facebook Hall of Fame!

If you have any questions or concerns about the Practical Test feel free to get in touch by phone, text or email.