Qualification Process

In order to qualify as a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ADI, the candidate must pass three qualifying exams usually taking from six months to a year.

PART 1 is a computer-based theory and hazard perception test, much the same as that taken by learner drivers but with 100 questions rather than 50 and a higher pass mark is required in both parts.

PART 2 is a driving test lasting one hour where the candidate is expected to show the highest standard of safe and courteous driving skills. Only five minor faults are allowed compared to the fifteen allowed in the 40 minute L-Test.

PART 3 is the test of instructional ability where the core competencies of identification, analysis, and rectification of faults are assessed in a very thorough way. This part of the qualifying process is easily the toughest and currently has a pass rate of less than 33%!

The DVSA STANDARDS CHECK is a regular follow-up test to ensure that instructors are maintaining a high level of quality instruction. At the standards check the instructor is graded A, B or fail. Any instructor who fails must take remedial training to ensure the safety of their pupils and other road users.

If you are considering other driving schools please check whether your potential instructor is displaying a GREEN ADI licence in the windscreen of the car. This indicates that he or she - like your Smartdrive instructors - has made it through all three exams.

A PINK licence in the windscreen means that this instructor is only part-qualified and is still training for PART 3 and may therefore not offer the best value for money or the highest standard of instruction.

Displaying NO licence in the windscreen means it is illegal to offer paid instruction - the 'instructor' may not even be insured - AVOID!!